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Telesales Base




Telesales Generic Base Forms

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!

This pair of forms provide the basis for building up your own TeleSales form sets in the same style as the two demonstration ones. The first form called "Generic Telemarketing Home Form.ZMF" includes the basic Navigation, Telephone and Record addition/Edit functionality.

The second form called "2.zmf" has the basic template form for other questions. To use it, it can be changed and then "Saved As" for each successive question. This technique makes it easy to maintain consistency from question to question.

The first form has four separate tabs. The first tab is the base question.

telesales_generic_home.gif (25875 bytes)

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The second tab is the telephone dialling control tab from which the phone calls can be made.

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The third tab is provided so that a contact can be added to Maximizer off the MaxForms form.

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The fourth tab allows editing of existing information within Maximizer relating to the contact.

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The form 2.zmf is the "home" question. In this demo it includes one question and the underlying logic to go to either the appropriate final screen 3.zmf or to the next question form  7.zmf.

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This form is one of a series of generic base forms provided as building blocks for real applications. It is included in the download of the demonstration form set.

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