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What are Pick and Mix Packs?


Why are Pick and Mix Packs a good idea?

How do I decide what to include in my Pick and Mix Pack?

What is the ordering procedure for Pick and Mix Packs?

View or download guidance about the appropriate contents for the AQA, Edexcel, OCR or WJEC exam board syllabus.

View or download order form giving detailed information about the contents available

What are Pick and Mix Packs?

        You design your Pick and Mix packs yourself, choosing whatever material you like from our range of standard topic packs.

Each of our standard topic packs consists of many sections, each containing an article and a series of exercises based   upon it. You can select any sections from any pack, including complete listening sections, for your Pick and Mix pack.

        When you have made your choice of Mix, we will price the different types of pack for you. The price for each type is made up of a fixed cost per page supplied (15p per Student pack page) and per audio tape supplied (2.50). The packs can be as big or small as you please. There is also an administration charge per order (15), which also covers postage and packing. 

        There are three types of pack. The Student pack includes the articles and tapes for listening sections, together with the exercises that go with them. The Teacher pack includes only the answers to the exercises and any tape transcripts. It is aimed at saving you time in preparation. The Refill pack (15p per page) contains the exercise pages only, so that students can write on the real sheets without defacing the main Student packs. This is aimed at keeping down the cost of providing the packs for successive groups of students.

Why are Pick and Mix Packs a good idea?

        No Unused Material -You can choose and pay for just the material you will have time to use.

        Closer Exam Board Match -You can design packs that include sections that come in different standard topic packs to match more closely the topics of your particular exam board.  Lists of sections that may be relevant are available.

        Non-Topic Specific Course Material -You may choose material from across a wide range of topics for a full year’s class teaching, using your own choice of material compiled into a single pack.

        Listening Only Material – You may select listening only material for focused aural practice, if you like.

         Re-use Packs more easily– You can buy Refill packs so that the students can write on exercise sheets and the Student packs can still be reused, unmarked, for another group. We now stock protective covers for single packs to help protect them.

How do I decide what to include in my Pick and Mix Pack?

        First, you contact us to obtain our Pick and Mix order form and information or you may view or download the information off this site. It lists all the sections in all our current packs. It may include additional sections that are not currently part of our standard topic packs as well.

It gives details of the number of pages, the source topic pack, an indication of the difficulty, the length of text and type of exercises, the major topic covered, a short description of the content and an indication of the major grammar elements covered.

        If you tell us which exam board you currently use, we will send you a sheet listing those sections that broadly relate to your board’s specifications. Please note that this is subjective and is meant as a helpful indication only.

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