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SAY Languages A Level French Topic Packs

Frequently Asked Questions

Which column do I use on the standard Topic Pack order form?

The thing to remember is that the price for each pack of your order should be chosen from the same column. The column is the one appropriate to the total number of student and teacher packs included on the order. Refill packs and our new Pick and Mix packs do not count towards the quantity discounts. So you add up all the different Student and Teacher packs to a grand total, and use that number to determine the correct price column. Easy!

PS ......and don't forget the post and packing please!

Are the packs photocopiable?

The student and refill  packs, which contain material from magazines and newspapers and listening material, are not photocopiable for reasons of copyright clearance from the original sources. We have tried to keep the cost of these as low as possible as we are aware of the tight budget restraints on schools.

The teacher packs, which contain transcripts and the answers to our exercises, are photocopiable.

This applies to both standard Topic Packs and to our new Pick and Mix Packs

Do you do any other languages besides French?

At this time, no.

Do you require payment with order?

Yes. We do not despatch an order until we have received payment for it. This keeps our administrative costs low.

However we are happy to send you a Proforma invoice, if that assists your accounts department, upon receipt of an order without payment. When the payment is received then the goods are despatched and a VAT invoice issued.

We have so far only come across one Local Authority Education department that cannot work on this basis. If you think this is a problem, then please let us know so we can speak directly to the department concerned about it.

We are able to provide references upon request.

What is your normal turnaround time?

Although the order form states a three week period to despatch, we attempt to despatch orders on the day following receipt of payment where possible.

Does the A2 pack include the AS material and what is the difference?

The AS and A2 packs contain entirely different material. The AS packs are naturally at a simpler level. The articles tend to be shorter, more visual and easier to understand, and more of the taped material is re-recorded. The A2 packs treat the topics in more depth and include longer and more difficult material. The two packs are designed to progress students through both years of their course.

Do the teacher packs contain the texts and exercises?

No. The teacher packs contain only the answers to the exercises and the transcripts of the tapes. You have to get a student pack for the texts and exercises.

How do I make the best use of the packs from my limited budget?

We appreciate that budgets are often rather limited. Schools are using a variety of ways to ensure that students can benefit from the packs without having a pack for each.

Placing a single copy for reference in the school library and pointing students to it as a non-class resource.
Purchasing for a group, placing the packs in binders, and asking students to use separate paper for the exercises. The packs are then recalled like text books after use.

Ordering the "refill" packs which contain the exercises only so that groups can work on proper exercise pages rather than on plain paper whilst still preserving packs for re-use. This will make the reuse of packs by succeeding groups more practical.  We can now supply plastic slide binders for single packs.

Using the bulk purchase rates. These discounted rates are available for combined orders of 100 packs or more.

By taking packs without tapes. For bulk orders only, we are able to supply packs without tapes giving a further saving where language lab facilities allow a single tape to be used for a whole group. The bulk prices without tapes are 90 pence per pack less than the listed bulk order rate. Contact us if you are interested.

The second approach to getting best value from the packs is to use the new Pick and Mix packs. These allow you to have packs that include ONLY the material you want to use. These are particularly useful for class teaching, when you will wish to cover a wide range of topic areas but do not need, or have the time, to go into great depths on each topic. You may build your own pack based on your scheme of work and so eliminate any unused material.


Can I chose just the listening material for the Pick and Mix packs?

Yes. The listening section of each Topic pack is available as a component for a Pick and Mix pack. You can therefore chose as many as you like to include in your selection. You cannot split up the listening section of a single Topic pack though. This is because the section includes the full cassette tape and so it comes with ALL the exercises relevant to the tape.


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