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This is a large page which may be difficult to use on screen. You may find it easier to print it out from your browser.

Alternatively you may like to download the Excel spreadsheet version and to use that on your own computer. There are versions available which include our guidance on the sections which may be appropriate for the following exam board syllabuses: AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. To download this you should go BACK to the previous page.

This page lists details of all our current Topic pack sections. To order a Pick and Mix pack you must tell us which sections you wish to include. The reference is sufficient information, but you may like to print out the page and use the second column to mark your requirements.

If you have not already seen the sections you are selecting in our standard packs, we do suggest that you order a single trial copy of your mix to ensure that it meets your requirements before ordering larger quantities.

In any case we will provide you with a fully costed listing of your selection on receipt of your order. Please tell us the quantities you want for the three types, Student, Teacher and Refill, so we can also provide you with an appropriate Pro-forma Invoice. There is no obligation on you at that stage and your order becomes firm when we receive your payment. At this time we will produce and send your packs. (Within three weeks but usually sooner!)

You may find the following useful in interpreting the information.

The section reference consists of:

First Letter for the source   Pack Topic  D=Education, E =Environment, I = Immigration, J = Youth,  M = Media, S= Health, T = Work

The First Numeric Digit is the AS or A2 level of the source Topic Pack  1= AS level, 2 =A2 Level

The Level Column is Graded from 1 as easiest to 5 as hardest. Broadly levels 1 to 3 are potential AS material and levels 3   to 5 are potential A2 pack material. This is a subjective judgement and of course depends on your students!

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You may use this link to contact us by Email. sales@saysales.com    Telephone: 01732 - 750364


Please supply a detailed report on the price per pack and a Proforma invoice for the following quantities of Pick and Mix packs containing the sections marked in the second column:

Quantity of Student packs:                         Quantity of Teacher packs:          Quantity of Refill packs:

Name, School and Address:                                         Phone Number:                                 Email Address:




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