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Sample Pages





SAY Languages  A Level French Topic Packs

Samples Policy

We do not send out full inspection copies on a returnable basis. We have intentionally kept the price of our packs as low as possible and we cannot afford the administrative cost of tracking such copies.

Many schools are purchasing one or two copies of the Student packs so that they can see in full detail the content and form of the packs, and listen to the tapes. Provided that you mark this on the order form, we are currently offering free postage and packing on orders placed for between one and three packs for use as samples.

There is little point in ordering a Teacher pack purely as a sample because their content, being the transcripts of the tapes and the answers to the exercises, is self evident and they do not contain the articles or exercises themselves

As an alternative, we are pleased to send upon request sample exercises or you may download these directly from this web page. These will give you a reasonable indication of the content of the packs. The sub-topics covered and the number of pages in each pack is shown on the page What topics are available? 

These samples are in Acrobat PDF format and require the PDF reader to be read. This is installed on many computers as standard and is freely available for download from the Adobe website at if you do not have it installed. The link is given below


Download or View sample pages

In many browsers you may double click the PDF links below to view the sample pages. Alternatively you will find it faster to view the pictures of the pages!

A2 L'Immigration A l'Ecoute pages 109 -112 as pictures

These will load more quickly than the PDF but are low resolution images of the pages. Because these exercises are based on the listening material on the  cassette tape, there is no article shown in the section.

In some browsers you must use a right mouse click or the menus to save the source file on your computer.

A2 L'Immigration A l'Ecoute pages 109 -112 as a PDF file

This file is 92Kbytes in size and is downloadable by modem but will take some time!


A2 L'Immigration Text pages 21-27 as pictures

These will load more quickly than the PDF but are low resolution images of the pages. They will still take some time to load, so please be patient!

A2 L'Immigration Text pages 21-27 as a PDF file

Warning - PLEASE NOTE!

This file is 1.94 Mbytes in size and is NOT downloadable by modem. These are the actual pages used in the pack and it is a large file to download. We do not suggest that you attempt to download it if you are using a modem to link to the Internet. If you have a high speed link and have patience, you should be OK!




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