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Call Report




Sales Call Report Demonstration Form

Introduction - What is in it? - Practical Use for Demonstration - Demonstration Tips - Practical Use for a Real Client

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!


This form is a pre-built element that can be used either to demonstrate MaxForms or as the basis for building a real client's form. Sales call reports are a common requirement in Maximizer systems and this form incorporates a series of useful, common features in a single, reusable form.

What is in it?

Every company wants different information in their sales call reports. The items included in this one can be easily changed to suit a real client's requirements.

The date of the call and the name of the salesman are needed to select the right calls for the period end report for the Sales Manager.

The form allows the writing of a full text note to record the details of the meeting. This note has been laid out with some headings pre-completed to fit it with the information the Sales Manager might want the Salesman to record.

In addition the details of any follow-up action are recorded for reporting and the Salesman can create a Hotlist task to remind him about the follow-up. He can also use the Calendar Appointment button to enter the next call date if one is arranged with the client.

The other items, "Was the call requested?", "How many customer facing staff?" and "Matters Discussed" are included as information that the Sales Manager wishes to know for sales management purposes. Because these are recorded into User defined fields, the information is available for later analysis of call patterns across the sales force. For a real client different items will be relevant and these may change over time as the targeting of the sales force changes.

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sales_call_report_form.gif (20629 bytes)

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Practical Use for Demonstration

The User defined fields that are used by the form are listed below. These fields must exist in the open Address Book Folder for the form to run. They are incorporated in the MaxForms Demonstration Address Book Folder issued from 1st August 2000 onwards. This can be sent to you by Email on request or is available for download from www.saysales.com/try-it.htm. A Column View and Macro are also included in it to produce a matching call report by Salesman. (Remember Login is as MASTER with NO password!)

If you have built extra functionality into the MaxForms demonstration Address Book Folder which you do not wish to lose, then you can transfer the User defined fields and the accompanying Column View and Macro from a copy of the new Address Book Folder into your old one. To do this you should follow the same instructions as for "Practical Use for a Real Client".

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Demonstration Tips

As with all MaxForms demonstrations, you must open a suitable Address Book Folder that contains the appropriate user defined fields and then run MaxForms and the MaxForms file. If you have used the form before, this is conveniently done by double licking it in the recently used file list. We suggest you leave both the Maximizer and MaxForms windows open and use the Taskbar to switch between the two as necessary.

For this simple form, we suggest that you show the way a salesman records a call report by selecting a contact, refreshing the MaxForms to show the current contact and then entering a set of dummy information including a brief note, a Hotlist task for a telephone call, and an Appointment to see the client again in three months time. Complete most of the fields so that the reports you show on this and subsequent occasions have some beef to them.

We suggest that you then show how the call report can be viewed by the salesman or his manager by freshly selecting the record and showing the information displayed in Maximizer. If you are working with Maximizer Enterprise 2000, the last note entered will show in the Note control. (Not necessarily the call report note.) You may wish to show the note by double clicking it in Maximizer.

We suggest that you show the recall appointment by using the Activities button on the Maximizer toolbar.

Turning to the Sales Managers role, you can show how he can check up on the status of each salesman's prospects by running the Macro called "Sales reports by Salesman". This loads the appropriate column view into the Client window and calls a search catalogue to choose the salesman. It displays all his accounts in a view that shows the last call details. Clearly the search criteria for this could be easily changed to provide a weekly or monthly summary for all sales calls or to analyse the calls by subject discussed etc.

(The demo is set up to work on either Client or Contacts indiscriminately. In the real world this may need refining.)

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Practical Use for a Real Client

To transfer the required structure to use the form as it stands into the Client's Address Book Folder you should open up the MaxForms Demonstration Address Book Folder and choose the File Menu, Transfer, User defined fields and then select the fields below.

T1 Salesman
T2 Date of Last Call
T3 Was call requested?
T4 Matters Discussed
T5 Prospect/Client Status
T6 No customer facing staff
T7 F/up Activity Required
T8 Follow up Activity Details

Repeat the operation with File Menu, Transfer, Column View and then select the View below.
Sales Call Report Summary

Repeat the operation with File Menu, Transfer, Macro and then select the Macro below.
Sales reports by Salesman

Changing the user defined fields used to those required by the client involves changing them in both Maximizer and then in MaxForms. (In the edit screen, double click the control and choose the Maximizer Field button to choose the newly named field.)

This one of a series of demonstration and generic base MaxForms form files.

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