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Navigation Functionality

To download this demonstration use this link and download the full set of demo forms.

MaxForms features  intelligent "Navigation" abilities so that business systems be can built up from a series of forms that are all inter-linked. Typical uses are for telesales scripts, inbound telephone call handling and the building of larger and more complex integrated systems. It makes it much easier to develop a large system over a period of time as a client's confidence in their Maximizer based system grows and users wish to add more and more to it.

The diagram below illustrates the sort of system that might be required by a client. Different staff may use predominately particular parts of the system for their normal work. By linking together the forms that are used for different tasks with appropriate "navigation" controls, the system becomes an integrated whole and staff are empowered to handle efficiently a wider range of tasks. This can be especially important for those handling incoming telephone calls but is often applicable to most staff to some extent.

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The picture below shows a form that demonstrates the ways provided in MaxForms to navigate to other forms in the system. These ways would clearly not all be included in a single real form. This simulates what might be called the "home" form of a business system which allows a client to be located in Maximizer, or entered if they are not already in the database. It then allows access to all the other parts of the system.

Navigation.gif (29880 bytes)

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What's in this demo?

The navigational links can be "hard wired" to a button as shown in the "Choose a Task " section. These buttons take you to other forms which must be located in the MaxForms application folder.

The "Choose a form from a list" section provides the user with a full list of possible forms to choose from.  This uses an ordinary lookup table file to store the form names. This is a convenient way of including navigation in larger business systems because extra forms can simply be added to the lookup table and they are immediately available from all the other system forms that access the table.

Finally the "Intelligent Navigation" section simulates the way a telephone script system might work by taking you to different forms according to the answer you have entered to a question. In this case it classifies a client into one of three categories depending on the number of employees you have entered into the form and takes the user to the appropriate form for the size classification. This functionality involves the use of a "range lookup" to return the word Medium" for any number greater than 25 and less than 100.

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