MaxLabel Instructions for Use

To use by selecting the MaxLabel Template

Ensure that you have either selected the records for which you would like labels in the list in the active window in Maximizer, or that they make up the whole list in the active window.

Run MS Word.

Use the template to start a new file by using the File, New menu and doubling-clicking the template in the list of template presented to you.

You will find a MaxLabel icon added to your Word toolbar. . Click it!

The MaxLabel form will appear loaded with the label format that you last used.

The MaxLabel Control Screen

If you wish to use the same label format as last time, decide with which label on your part-used sheet you will start. Enter the start label number in the Start Label No Box and click the Maximizer Label Run button.

You will be asked whether you wish to use the selected records or the whole list from Maximizer.



If you want a large number of labels, you will see a counter showing you the progress in the top left part of the screen. When the program has finished, the Word document will contain the labels requested, formatted the way you asked for them. You may print them in the normal way using the print icon in Word.

To use after installing the MaxLabel Template

Ensure that you have either selected the records for which you would like labels in the list in the active window in Maximizer, or that they make up the whole list in the active window.

Run MS Word.

Ensure that you have a new blank document open, and click the MaxLabel icon and continue as above.

To load a different stored Label Template File

From the MaxLabel form, click the Read a Stored File button.

Chose the file that you wish to use and the values from it will be entered into the screen ready for use.

Note that the screen always shows the last settings used each time you launch it from the button in Word.

The default storage place for the Label format files is the Word application folder. They have a file extension .".zlb".

To Create and save a new Label Template File

Load the values into the screen from an existing file as close as possible to the one you want. This will save time.

Change the values for the layout specification by measuring the label sheet carefully.

Note that the margin and gutter measurements across the sheet run to the edge of the print NOT the label itself, whereas the measurements down the sheet provide for both label size and separation AND the margin between the edge of the label and the print. These are the minimum dimensions needed to specify the layout exactly.

The number of line per label, the point size requested and the area available for printing are automatically checked by the program and the point size will be adjusted downwards if it is too large to fit. Note that the point size set in the label format will over-ride any set in the template itself. You can, however, set the font style in the template itself and then save the template so that it defaults to your chosen font for future use.

Choose whether the lines are to be closed up automatically if they are empty. This is normal practice for addresses.

Choose whether you would like the lines to be spaced out to occupy the full vertical space available.

Choose whether you would like double spaces removed from the text before printing. Where you want several fields on the same line, they are normally separated with spaces. If one field has no value, then two adjacent spaces may be left. Closing these up to a single space improves the look of the result.

You may navigate down to each line in turn using the Select Next Line Button. If you don’t like its current contents, then you can clear the line with the Clear Current Line button and rebuild it.

You may add any combination of Maximizer fields and text characters to the line using the buttons, text box and field list. The list contains both the Fixed fields and all the User Defined Fields from the current address book folder.

When you are happy with the contents of all the lines, then you save and name the file using the Save as a File button.

For example you may like to place the Mr/Mrs field, a space, the First Name field, a space, the Initial field, a space, the Last Name field, a space and a User Defined Field containing, perhaps, a qualification on a single line. If you have chosen the close up option, the resulting text will be closed up if any fields are blank.


You should take care NOT to click the icon and then the Maximizer Label Run button when you have other document open. You may find the wrong document formatted as labels! It is easy to do!


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