MaxLabel - Labels the way YOU want them!

A very flexible template for generating labels from Maximizer

to your choice of format in MS Word 2000.

Shareware licensed at only 35 UK pounds per organisation.

What does it do?

Download it and try it out for free

In most browsers you may right mouse click on the link and Save the file to your own computer. The zip file contains the Template itself, an information sheet about the utility that contains much of the information on this website and a sample label format file.You should visit the Installation link below or read the information sheet for detailed instructions on installation and use.

Installation and Use
Instructions for use


About SAY Sales

SAY Sales provide a variety of programs that work with Maximizer Software. This includes MaxForms , a powerful, programming-free, forms designer that adds much additional functionality to Maximizer systems. In addition to data entry and editing, it enables mathematical and logical operations, links to external data, telesales functionality and a wide range of other facilities. SAY Sales also do programming to meet user requirements that cannot be met by off the shelf programmes. If you would like to explore a requirement that is a little out of the ordinary, do contact us.


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