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MaxForms Benefits

MaxForms creates easy to use data entry and editing forms for Maximizer without any programming.
Flexible and well tailored input forms increase efficiency of staff using Maximizer.
Staff enter more information and enter it more accurately, when logically presented on a form.
Staff can find and change the information they need more easily.
Staff can focus better on a task.
Staff can respond quicker to customers.
MaxForms can provide each person or department with the specialised forms they need for their particular job.
Complex systems can appear simple to the users.
MaxForms reduces the amount training necessary for introducing Maximizer originally.
MaxForms reduces the amount training necessary for new staff.
MaxForms allows many functions involving calculations and relationships between information to be incorporated into a Maximizer system extending the built in functionality of Maximizer.
More capable Maximizer systems can be made that better suit the business requirements.
MaxForms provides a means of interfacing Maximizer to other sources of information.
Forms integrating information from Maximizer and other sources increase efficiency of staff.
MaxForms speeds up the development of both simple and complex Maximizer systems.
Its simplicity means that non-technical staff, without programming experience, can build sophisticated systems.
Ownership of systems built in MaxForms can be placed with users instead of IT departments or external consultants
Ownership by users increases the speed and chance of project success.
Maximizer systems created in MaxForms can easily be changed as the organisation requirements develop.
System development can by done piecemeal by the users, increasing the fit to users' changing needs.


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