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Invoice Form

The Business Requirement

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!

This  form is part of our real system and, although it appears and is in fact quite simple, the business system requirements that it meets are not particularly simple. It is a convenient system to show how the power and flexibility of MaxForms enables a complex user requirement to be easily included in a Maximizer system with a minimum of setup time and no programming.

The form is used to price and record orders for the SAY Languages French Teaching packs that we also supply. It works in conjunction with a Word template including a macro. Key elements of the business requirement are:
The entry of the order data.
The pricing of the orders  with four quantity breaks based upon the total number of packs ordered.
The quantity breaks have to be overridden for our "Bulk Order" clients.
Our "Bulk Order" clients have to be offered yet another tier of prices for packs without audio cassettes.
Each pack price has to be divided into part that is subject to sales tax (VAT) and the rest which is not. The total invoice sales tax must be shown on the invoice and recorded.
There is a variable delivery charge.
We only ship and produce final tax invoices and delivery notes once payment is received. The system must produce the final tax invoice and delivery notes, but must also produce pro-forma invoices without delivery notes upon the initial receipt of an order without payment so that the school's accounts department can raise a cheque.
The system should allow a single aggregation of all the paid invoices on a daily Bank pay in slip complete with analysis for bulk posting to the accounts system.

Invoice Entry

The Invoice Entry tab of the form automatically creates an invoice record in Maximizer, linked to the teacher who has placed the order. The Order number, if any, is entered and the status of the invoice is set as either "1 Pro-Forma" or "2 Full Delivered" or "3 Part Delivered". This invoice status drives the system. (Notice also a Navigation button to get quickly to the Response entry screen in case the phone rings!)

say_invoice1.gif (16295 bytes)

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Item Entry

The light blue background has been set to indicate data entry fields. The overall number of packs ordered is entered so that the correct price table is used used by MaxForms depending on the total number ordered. This could have been totally automated with the total adding up the individual numbers but we prefer the flexibility afforded by the manual entry of the figure.

Each of up to 15 line items are chosen from a drop list and the quantity entered. Items to follow are flagged if necessary.

The delivery charge is adjusted if necessary and the button "Update this Screen" looks up the correct prices, the Sales Tax (VAT) and totals up the form figures.

At the same time each figure is written to the invoice in the Maximizer Address Book folder. The data entry is complete!

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Document Production

The documents are produced by clicking the "Produce an Invoice" button. This embeds a Word document automatically in the Maximizer document window against the invoice record and opens it for editing in Word. At this stage the document is based on a Template, but empty. The template includes a button on the Word tool bar which runs the macro it contains.

e_invoice_icon.gif (1537 bytes) This sucks the data for the invoice in from Maximizer and checks the invoice status.

If the status is Pro Forma, it squirts the formatted information for a Proforma Invoice into the document.

If it is not, it brings in the information for a real tax Invoice and produces a Deliver Note/Packing List document as well. In either case the user prints out the document and closes it in Word. The changed document remains available as an embedded document in Maximizer.

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Payment Receipt Processing

To process a Proforma Invoice upon receipt of payment, the user finds the invoice record in Maximizer and refreshes the view in MaxForms.

If the invoice is different the changes are made and in any case the status field is changed to "1 Full Delivered". As this is done the changes are automatically written to the data   in Maximizer.

The user again clicks the "Produce an Invoice" button and a second invoice document is embedded. This time the changed status causes a real invoice and delivery note to be produced for the client. The old Proforma is still available as a document in Maximizer.

Paying in the cheques!

To produce the day's pay-in list, a macro is run in Maximizer that lists, using a suitable column view, all the invoices that are full delivered but do not yet have a pay in number.

A manual selection is made to correspond to the cheques received and the Global Edit facility used to add the pay in slip number to all the appropriate invoices.

A column report set to total the numeric user defined fields provides the detailed list of invoices and the total of the cheques ready to post to the accounts.

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Queries about invoices can be simply handled as all the data is stored in Maximizer and can be redisplayed in the forms in an easy to see format.

Further information

If you would like to have further details of this use of MaxForms sent to you, or you would like to discuss how some real client requirements might be built into a Maximizer/MaxForms system, then please contact us by phone (+44 1732 750 364) or by Email.

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