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Generic Name and Address Base Form

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!

These screen shots show the from that is provided as a prebuilt generic form base which you may use and adapt to suit your own purposes. The inclusion of basis record entry and editing functions is a common requirement and by starting with this form as a base and then adapting it, you will save time. The form is included in the demo forms pack along with some other function base forms.

To down load this and the other forms click here.

Generic Name and Address Base.ZMF contains two tabs.

The first tab is set up to add records of any kind to Maximizer. It is a batch write mode tab with an Add button as a trigger. A few simple UDF fields have been included but it is recommended that these all normally place on an Edit or "Classification Tab. In this position they can be used to edit the data in the fields and it also avoids the writing of the field data to both Company and Contact records where they are entered simultaneously. The fields have been also included on the Edit tab of the form

The second tab is set up to edit records and is a normal mode tab. It is here that it is suggested tat User defined Fields are added. In some cases systems are set up with different tabs (or maybe forms with navigation buttons) for the entry of Companies and Contacts and also the Editing of Companies and Contacts. this allows a tighter separation of the appropriate data for each record type and may assist in training.

The Entry Tab

generic_add_edit_base_form1.gif (14231 bytes)

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The Edit tab

generic_add_edit_base_form2.gif (15009 bytes)

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