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MaxForms Features

Without any program code being required MaxForms offers all the following features:

Scope Features

An unlimited number of MaxForms forms.
Each form can contain an unlimited number of tabs.
Each tab can have an unlimited number of elements on it (subject to operating system limitations).
The elements can link to any kind of Maximizer field, user defined field, or create objects, documents, notes, hotlist tasks or calendar events.
Elements can be command buttons that initiate a range of operations within MaxForms, Maximizer or externally.
Forms can be linked together by Navigation buttons to form an integrated system  with menu forms and easy progression from one form to another
Navigation between forms, such as those making up a Telesales script, can depend on the value entered on the form. This provides intelligent, interactive routing from form to form.


Flexibility Features

Table type user defined fields can be handled with either multiple or single item pick lists.
Multiple item pick lists can display all or only the current record’s allocated items.
User defined fields relating to opportunities and the underlying company can be managed together in one tab.
Look up files can be used to auto-complete a keyed entry from the first few characters entered. The same behaviour is available for Maximizer item lists.
The size, colour, typestyle and many other characteristics can be set for each element.
Elements can be specified as compulsory value that have to be entered.
A wide variety of element characteristics can be set to enable forms to behave in the manner required.

Features Extending Maximizer

A special mode is available to create records for bookings, orders, inquiries, support calls or the like, with a many-to-one relationship to a company or contact. This has the same effect as adding a new related table in Maximizer at the same level as the Contact table and with all the flexibility that applies to real Contacts.
A command button can show a different MaxForms form depending upon the value in an element
The value in an element can result from a calculation involving any other elements or values held outside Maximizer.
The value in one element can be used to look up an associated value for another element. This can be repeated through many levels.
The lookup can return matching values from files or columns that vary depending on the clients characteristics.
Look up values can be used in calculations.
Lookups can use alphanumeric, numeric or date ranges to match a key value.
MaxForms can increment or decrement the value from outside Maximizer found by a look up.
Special large look up files can be used to efficiently relate large numbers of items, e.g. towns to counties for a whole country.
Look up files can be generated automatically from Maximizer data by a macro. This enables "loop back" lookups where for instance a student can be allocated to a teacher form a list derived from the teachers in the same database as the students.

Ease of Set up Features

Elements may be simply dragged into position on the forms and can be snapped to a user adjustable layout grid.
Elements may be replicated en bloc from one tab to another with references to other elements intelligently adjusted.
Elements can be deleted with automatic references adjustment
Tabs can be moved or deleted with automatic references adjustment

Control Features

Menu forms can be created to show summary data and give access to many other forms in a system.
Up to ten recently used forms can be launched by a double click from the opening screen
Form sizes and positions are automatically stored in the registry
MaxForms forms can be launched from the tool bar.
MaxForms forms can be launched from within the marketing library, which enables new MaxForms forms to be synchronised to remote users along with other Maximizer information.
External programs can be run from a form button.
Documents based on Word templates can be embedded into Maximizer and opened for editing off a form button.
Searches in Maximizer can be run using preconfigured but flexible form buttons.
Buttons can activate Maximizer dialling operations.
The user can change windows in Maximizer using a button.
Users can be restricted from editing MaxForms forms with password protection.




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