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Example Form





Example Form Built in MaxForms

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!

confdemo.gif (15834 bytes)

You can create as many forms as you wish and they can be as simple as an editing screen taking five minutes to build or complex quotation, tele-marketing or call centre systems finely tuned to the business requirements. Each form can be made up of a series of tabs. Intelligent navigation between the various forms of the system can be built into the forms so that a full business system can comprise a large number of linked forms each bringing together the information and functionality required for a particular task.

The example above has two tabs, one for "Booking Entry" and a second for "Further Details". Each form set can be very simple, with just a few elements, or large and complex with hundred of elements over many different tabs.

The creation of a new form is made very easy with the elements of the form being dragged into position. These elements can be connected to information stored within Maximizer or outside and their behaviour determined by setting their properties. In addition to form elements that display information, a range of command buttons can be incorporated within forms. These enable a wide amount of extra functionality. This includes the creation of hotlist tasks, calendar appointments, Maximizer documents and external objects stored within Maximizer, the addition of new records and searching for existing records, the navigation between different forms and the running of external programs.

MaxForms also provides a range of advanced options, which considerably extend the functionality available within your Maximizer system. MaxForms can incorporate mathematical calculations and link to other systems using look up files to relate one value to another and provide conditional responses. It can also handle automatically a device allowing Maximizer to work effectively with entities such as quotations which require a many to one relationship to people. Sophisticated systems to handle your organisation’s requirements, beyond the capability of Maximizer on its own, can be built using the simple functionality of MaxForms. This is all achieved without any programming!


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