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Opportunities & Security





Opportunity Demonstration.ZMN

This demo is included in the demonstration form set.

This MaxForms file is a technical demonstration and does not aspire to any real life relevance. This form set covers the following features.

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating! An extra tab has been added to show Customer service Case functionality.

This MaxForms form demonstrates technical aspects of MaxForms behaviour with mixed Opportunity and Company user defined fields. It also can be used to demonstrate the way that MaxForms performs with Group Security. It makes no pretence to any real world content.

The "Opportunity" Demonstration Tab:

oppdemo1.gif (11215 bytes)

If you select the "BBC opportunity" in Maximizer, then the MaxForms tab show BOTH the opportunity and Company user defined fields. The same applies to the opportunity attached to the individual "James Waite". You can demonstrate simultaneous writing to both entities.


The "Group Security" Demonstration Tab:

oppdemo2.gif (8410 bytes)

Tips for Use as a Demo

If you log into Maximizer as DIRECTOR or MASTER and run the form it works, If you log in as , SALESMAN the form will not run. You can also demonstrate the "fail Safe behaviour" if you change your Maximizer log-in with the form already running.

The tab also demonstrates an appropriate use of "Default Text" for Alpha fields.

There are no associated files required to work with this MaxForms file.

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