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Conference Demo




Conference Booking Demonstration

This demonstration form is included in the demonstration form set as Conference Demo.ZMF and can be downloaded by clicking on this link. In common with other forms that utilise the MaxForms advanced functionality of lookups and calculations, screen shots are no substitute for playing with the demo itself!

This is a two tab form designed to demonstrate a real potential use, at the same time showing off the lookup potential in particular. It also shows creation of an extra data entity using pseudo contacts for the management of conferences as a many-to-one relationship to people in the Maximizer Address Book Folder. In other words, each contact can come to lots of conferences!

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!

Tab 1 "Booking Entry"

Enter a choice in the fields for "Conference Reference", "Item Description" and "Country of Residence" only. Use the TAB key to move through the other fields which will fill in with the appropriate information from the lookup tables. When you have tabbed through all the fields, click the "Enter a Conference Booking into Maximizer" button to create a pseudo conference with some of the displayed information written to it and to update the incremental lookup files.

This Tab demonstrates:
Decremental Lookup from a short table (Capacity Left)
Simple Text short table lookup (Conference Details)
Lookup to fill a pick list driving both text and decremental short table lookups (Item Description, Code, Price, No Sold)
Mathematical formulae (Total, VAT etc)
Use of a single table as both a pick list generator and subsequent number lookup to feed the formulae. (Country of Residence, Vat Rate, Exchange Rate, Cost of Phone calls)
Pseudo contact creation with contact field copying.
Display of information to be stored and not stored back into Maximizer
The reading of a field from a real person to be used as the default for a pseudo contact (VIP Field)

confdemo.gif (20146 bytes)

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 Tab2 "Further Details"

This Tab demonstrates:
The storage of text information in user defined field and note table (user defined fields for reporting, note for larger strings)
The use of a field (VIP?) whose default value is picked up from the real contact.
The fact that after entry of a pseudo contact, it becomes the current entry and so subsequent tabs will write to it unless a change is made in Maximizer.
Hotlist task creation on the Booking.

condemo2.gif (8065 bytes)

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Screen Layout

The screen is laid out to fit a medium sized area window.

Associated Files

The associated files required to work with this MaxForms set file are:
MaxForms Tables for Demo Set.xls (Used to generate the table files.)
Lookup20.zml to Lookup28.zml (Short tables for the various lookups.)
Confrnc.zmn (Pseudo Contact numbering file)

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