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Client Profile



Screen shots



The Client Profile Demonstration Form

This demo is included in the demonstration form set.

Like all the demonstration forms it is specifically designed to work only with the demonstration address book folder which contains the necessary fields. The address book folder will need to be converted to the version of Maximizer you are using on first use.

There are eight tabs containing different information on this large form. The information is written back to, and read from the Maximizer Address Book Folder. The functionality is obvious. Because of the size of the screen shots we have put these onto a separate page so that you can choose whether to have a look at them. (Size approx 160 KBytes)

See Screen Shots of the Client Profile Demo

Client Profile Demo.ZMF

A simulated financial profiling form set based on a real application. This shows how a substantial amount of information can be usefully managed by a single form file to extend the capabilities of Maximizer. Entering and displaying a set of information this size in Maximizer itself is unworkable. The MaxForms solution is neat and well liked by the users for whom it was set up. Each time they speak to their clients they load their client's record in Maximizer and refresh MaxForms so that they can see all their details at a glance.  They attempt to gain the full set of data over a period so that they can offer their clients  personally suited advice on their affairs.

Tips on using the demo

The screen is laid out for a SVGA display area.

All Tabs

General Information handling without any use of external Table files.

Tab 8 "Summary"

Hotlist Task Entry
Calendar Event entry
Mathematical Formula

 Select James Waite as your current entry before displaying as he has most of the information completed and with this amount of information, it takes a while to complete a "profile".

There are no associated files required to work with this MaxForms set file.

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