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Screen shots




The Client Profile Demonstration Form

Note October 2006: There are minor differences to this form from the screen shots shown below due to program and demonstration updating!

This demo is included in the demonstration form set and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

There are eight tabs containing different information on this large form. The information is written back to, and read from the Maximizer Address Book Folder. The functionality is obvious.

With the inclusion of the ability to navigate between form included with recent versions of MaxForms, this form might be better presented now as a series of eight forms with navigation buttons on each form to allow inter-form movement.

'Personal Info' tab:

playDemo1.gif (19299 bytes)


'Family/Work' tab:

playDemo2.gif (15562 bytes)

'Home/Credit' tab:

playDemo3.gif (16190 bytes)

Pension Tab

playDemo4.gif (20992 bytes)

Succession Tab

playDemo5.gif (14503 bytes)

Banking Tab

playDemo6.gif (18380 bytes)

Needs tab

playDemo7.gif (13649 bytes)

Summary Tab

playDemo8.gif (21859 bytes)




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