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What are they?






What are SAY Languages A Level French Topic Packs?

The set consists of a binder and a series of topic packs of resource material specifically designed for the new A Level syllabuses taught from September 2000.
For most of the topics described on the What Topics page, there is in general an AS and an A2 level topic pack, designed for the first and second years of the course respectively.
All elements of the set can be ordered on an individual basis, assorted as required.
The topic areas are closely related to those specified in the new syllabuses of all 3 examination boards.
SAY Languages A Level French Topic Packs have been developed to supply students with up to date information about current affairs and lifestyle in today’s France and to help them perfect their linguistic and grammatical skills through an extensive range of exercises.
The packs are ideal for students preparing in-depth topic work (written and oral) in both the AS and A2 syllabuses.
 Teachers can now order packs made to their own design using any of the material from the standard topic packs on a Pick and Mix basis. This allows packs to be made across a range of topics for class teaching. Please ask for a separate order form and details.


What is included in each pack?

Authentic written material taken from current newspapers and magazines. The broad areas of the topic are introduced with straightforward texts in the AS pack, and developed in more detail and with more complex texts in the A2 pack.
A cassette of listening material, for the most part taken from radio and TV broadcasts, but with some re-recorded passages, especially in the AS packs.
Extensive exercises to cover the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, plus a variety of grammatical exercises. The exercises relate closely to those included in the new syllabuses and are suitable for both classroom and private study.
   The optional teacher packs contain answers to exercises and transcripts of all listening material. They do not contain the articles and exercises from the student pack or the tape.
To enable the student packs to be more easily reused for successive sets of student, refill packs containing only the exercise pages are now available.
All packs can be ordered on an individual basis. They are pre-punched for insertion in the SAY Languages A Level French Topic Packs ring binder, which will contain up to six packs. For reasons of copyright of the source material, the student packs are not photocopiable. The teacher packs, however, are photocopiable.


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