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Potential of Version Two





MaxForms Version Two and onward!

A glimpse at some of the potential you can use!

Navigation Functionality

The addition of intelligent "Navigation" abilities so that business systems be can built up from a series of forms that are all inter-linked. Typical uses are for telesales scripts, inbound telephone call handling and the building of larger and more complex integrated systems. It makes it much easier to develop a large system over a period of time as a client's confidence in their Maximizer based system grows and users wish to add more and more to it.

The diagram below illustrates the sort of system that might be required by a client. Different staff may use predominately particular parts of the system for their normal work. By linking together the forms that are used for different tasks with appropriate "navigation" controls, the system becomes an integrated whole and staff are empowered to handle efficiently a wider range of tasks. This can be especially important for those handling incoming telephone calls but is often applicable to most staff to some extent.

 naviga1.jpg (35421 bytes)

The picture below shows a form that demonstrates the ways provided in MaxForms to navigate to other forms in the system. These ways would clearly not all be included in a single real form. This simulates what might be called the "home" form of a business system which allows a client to be located in Maximizer, or entered if they are not already in the database. It then allows access to all the other parts of the system.

The navigational links can be "hard wired" to a button as shown in the "Choose a Task" section. The "Choose a form from a list" section provides the user with a full list of possible forms to choose from. Finally the "Intelligent Navigation" section simulates the way a telephone script system might work by taking you to different forms according to the answer you have entered to a question. In this case it classifies a client into one of three categories depending on the number of employees and taking the user to the appropriate form for the size classification.

It is available as a demonstration form.  

Navigation.gif (29880 bytes)

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Lookups and Mathematical Functionality

More sophisticated and intelligent data lookup from underlying lookup files, combined with the mathematical capability of MaxForms, now allows the building of sophisticated quotation systems with quantity breaks and variable discounts by product and by customer. Because the data is stored in Maximizer User Defined Fields it can be automatically synchronised by MaxExchange with a field salesforce.

The demonstration form set gives you an idea about how such a system can be put together. This simplified system was created from scratch in half a day in MaxForms without any programming. It is available as a demonstration form so you can see how it is put together. 

The real person contact is selected in Maximizer and the button clicked to enter a new quotation record into the Maximizer address book folder with all the basic information copied from the contact record.

Quotdem1.gif (15082 bytes)

A customisable acknowledgement dialog appears..................

Quote3.gif (5426 bytes)

............. and the user moves to the next tab to enter the quotation details.

Quotdem2.gif (27865 bytes)

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This is a working, three item quotation entry form. A real system would need more tabs and would include a button to print off a quotation document in MS Word, embedded in Maximizer.

This demonstration shows the use of a "range lookup" to convert a quantity to a "quantity band" which is the basis of the product price list. It also shows a "variable lookup" to choose the right price column according to the customer discount code and the right discount table according to the product to relate the percentage discount to the quantity band. It incorporates most of the variations found in a real life quotation system based on product tables. The flow of information is represented in the diagram below.

quotdiag.jpg (87301 bytes)

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If you would like a copy of the MaxForms program together with a demonstration address book folder and a set of demonstration forms, including these two, please follow this link to our Try it! page to download them or let us know and we will Email them to you free of charge.

If you would like to discuss the potential of MaxForms to help you meet your clients requirements easily and efficiently, do telephone us or Email me. We will help you all we can to do that!

Contact: Martin Young Telephone: +44 (0) 1732 750364

Email: martin-at-saysales.com

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