A Summary of MaxLabel Functionality

MaxLabel is shareware which may be copied and tested free and is low cost to register and license.

1) You may use, create, save and share unlimited numbers of label format files.

2) The label format file allows full flexibility of label layout and content.

3) You may set

a) the number of labels on the sheet, their size, positions and margins.

b) the number of lines per label up to a maximum of ten.

c) the content of each label line as any combination of one or more Maximizer fields or text characters,

d) the Maximizer fields can be any combination of User Defined Field or Fixed fields.

e) the fixed fields may be from the English or French language Maximizer versions.

f) whether the blank lines are closed up or not.

g) whether double spaces left by empty fields are removed or not.

h) whether to spread the lines vertically over the available label space or not.

4) When you print, the labels you may choose from the selected records or all the records in the list.

5) The list can be in the Address Book, Contact or Hotlist Window in Maximizer.

6) You may specify the starting label position for each run, so you don’t waste labels.

7) You are warned if you have asked for a large number of labels, in case it is a mistake!

8) The labels are created in a Word document that you may print, reformat, save or delete.

9) Because each run creates a document based on the template which is stored locally, you may set default printer characteristics for each user.

10) The label format defaults to the last format run by the user making it easy to print your normal labels.


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